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  • Basic Conditions

    • 19C.02

      An overseas issuer seeking a secondary listing under this chapter must demonstrate to the Exchange that it is both eligible and suitable for listing.

    • 19C.02A

      The following additional requirements apply:—
      (1)    the Exchange reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse a listing of securities of an overseas issuer if in its opinion:
        (a)   it believes that it is not in the public interest to list them;
        (b) the overseas issuer’s primary listing is or is to be on an exchange that cannot provide the shareholder protection standards that are at least equivalent to those provided in Hong Kong;
        (c) the overseas issuer has received waivers from or is exempt from rules, regulations or legislation that result in it being subject to regulatory requirements that are materially less stringent than those that generally apply to entities of its nature listed on its primary market;
        (d) the application constitutes an attempt to avoid rules that apply to a primary listing on the Exchange; or
        (e) the majority of its worldwide trading will take place in Hong Kong upon or shortly after its listing in Hong Kong;
      (2)    listing on the overseas issuer’s primary exchange must have been granted before listing on the Exchange can be granted;
      (3)    an overseas issuer must comply with rule 19.05(2) on the appointment and maintenance of a person authorised to accept service of process and notices on its behalf in Hong Kong; and
      (4)    an overseas issuer must comply with the securities registration requirements of rules 19.05(3), 19.05(4) and 19.05(5).
        Note:    For the purpose of rule 19C.02A(1)(d), the Exchange may apply the test set out in rule 14.06B to determine whether, in the opinion of the Exchange, a transaction and/or arrangement or series of transactions and/or arrangements an applicant for secondary listing conducted on its primary exchange constituted a reverse takeover. If a material part of the applicant’s business is listed on its primary exchange by way of a reverse takeover, the Exchange will normally consider its application for secondary listing on the Exchange to be an attempt to avoid rules that apply to primary listing.

    • 19C.03 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 January 2022]