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  • A.2 Corporate Governance Functions

    • Principle

      The board is responsible for performing the corporate governance duties. It may delegate the responsibility to a committee or committees.

    • Code Provisions

      • A.2.1

        The terms of reference of the board (or a committee or committees performing this function) should include at least:
        (a)    to develop and review an issuer’s policies and practices on corporate governance and make recommendations to the board;
        (b)    to review and monitor the training and continuous professional development of directors and senior management;
        (c)    to review and monitor the issuer’s policies and practices on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;
        (d)    to develop, review and monitor the code of conduct and compliance manual (if any) applicable to employees and directors; and
        (e)    to review the issuer’s compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and disclosure in the Corporate Governance Report.