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  • Before bulk-printing of the listing document

    • 9.20

      The following documents must be submitted to the Exchange before bulk-printing of the listing document:—

      (1) if the listing document contains a statement as to the sufficiency of working capital, a letter from the issuer's financial advisers or auditors, confirming that:
      (a) the statement has been made by the directors after due and careful enquiry; and
      (b) persons or institutions providing finance have stated in writing that such facilities exist; and
      (2) if the vendor of securities being marketed has not paid in full for those securities at the date of the offer:—
      (a) a certified copy of an irrevocable authority given by the vendor to the receiving bankers for the offer authorising the receiving bankers to apply the proceeds of the offer to discharge the outstanding debt; and
      (b) a certified copy of the receiving bankers' acknowledgement of this authority and an agreement to act on it.