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  • When a continuing transaction subsequently becomes connected (20.58)

    • 20.58

      If the listed issuer's group has entered into an agreement for a fixed period with fixed terms for:

      (1) a continuing transaction, and the transaction subsequently becomes a continuing connected transaction, or

      Note: This includes a continuing transaction between the listed issuer's group and a connected person exempt under the "insignificant subsidiary exemption" (see rule 20.08), and the connected person subsequently cannot meet the conditions for the exemption.
      (2) a continuing connected transaction exempt under the "passive investor exemption" (see rules 20.97 and 20.98), and the transaction subsequently cannot meet the conditions for the exemption,

      the listed issuer must:
      (a) as soon as practicable after becoming aware of this fact, comply with the annual review and disclosure requirements including publishing an announcement and annual reporting if the listed issuer's group continues to conduct the transaction under the agreement; and
      (b) when the agreement is renewed or its terms are varied, comply with all connected transaction requirements.