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  • Other transactions with third parties (20.26-20.28)

    • 20.26

      A listed issuer's group acquiring an interest in a company (the "target company") from a person who is not a connected person is a connected transaction if the target company's substantial shareholder:

      (1) is, or is proposed to be, a controller. A "controller" is a director, chief executive or controlling shareholder of the listed issuer; or
      (2) is, or will, as a result of the transaction, become, an associate of a controller or proposed controller.

      Note: Acquiring the target company's assets is also a connected transaction if these assets account for 90% or more of the target company's net assets or total assets.

    • 20.27

      The Exchange may aggregate the interests of the controller and his or its associates in the target company to decide whether they together are the target company's substantial shareholder.

    • 20.28

      Rule 20.26 does not apply to a listed issuer's proposed acquisition if the controller or his or its associate(s) is or are together the target company's substantial shareholders only because of their indirect shareholdings in the target company held through the listed issuer's group.