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  • Directors' service contracts (17.90-17.91)

    • 17.90

      An issuer shall obtain the prior approval of its shareholders in a general meeting (at which the relevant director and his associates shall not vote on the matter) for any service contract to be granted by the issuer or any of its subsidiaries to any director or proposed director of the issuer or to any director or proposed director of any of its subsidiaries which:—

      (a) is for a duration that may exceed 3 years; or
      (b) in order to entitle the issuer to terminate the contract, expressly requires the issuer to give a period of notice of more than 1 year or to pay compensation or make other payments equivalent to more than 1 year's remuneration.

      The remuneration committee of the issuer (if any and provided that such committee has a majority of independent non-executive directors) or an independent board committee shall form a view in respect of service contracts that require shareholders' approval and advise shareholders (other than shareholders who are directors with a material interest in the service contracts and their associates) as to whether the terms are fair and reasonable, advise whether such contracts are in the interests of the issuer and its shareholders as a whole and advise shareholders on how to vote. An independent non-executive director who has a material interest in any such contracts shall not sit on the independent board committee.

      Note: A contract is relevant whether or not reduced to writing. A service contract is relevant whether granted by the issuer or any of its subsidiaries. A service contract not for a fixed period is to be regarded as running at least until the earliest date on which it can lawfully be determined by the employing company without payment of compensation (other than statutory compensation). Where an arrangement exists under which a director can require the issuer or any of its subsidiaries to enter into a further service contract with him, the arrangement will be regarded as a provision for extending the period of his existing service contract and taken into account in determining its duration.

    • 17.91 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 October 2020]