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  • General (12.05-12.11)

    • 12.05

      An application must be made to the Exchange for the purposes of listing securities issued by a new applicant and a listed issuer alike.

    • 12.06

      The Sponsor (or if the issuer is not required to have (or does not otherwise retain) a Sponsor, the issuer) is responsible for lodging the application for listing and all supporting documents and for dealing with the Exchange on all matters arising in connection with the application.

    • 12.07

      If the listing of a new applicant remains outstanding for more than 6 months after the date of the application form, a new application form together with a further listing fee in the prescribed amount must be submitted to the Exchange. Any initial listing fee paid will, in such circumstances, be forfeited.

    • 12.08

      If there is a termination or addition of a Sponsor during the vetting process of any listing document to be issued by a new applicant, the new applicant must submit a new listing application detailing a revised timetable and a further initial listing fee in the amount specified in Appendix 9. Any initial listing fee paid will, in such circumstances, be forfeited.
      (1) [Repealed 1 October 2013]
        (2)    See also Chapter 4 for other circumstances when a new applicant may be required to submit a new listing application form.
        (3) Where there is a change in Sponsors and/or overall coordinators, the replacement or remaining Sponsor, as the case may be, must submit to the Exchange why the outgoing Sponsor and/or overall coordinator left; a copy of the clearance letter (if any) from the outgoing Sponsor and/or overall coordinator; and any matters the replacement or remaining Sponsor considers necessary to be brought to the Exchange’s attention regarding the application and the outgoing Sponsor and/or overall coordinator as soon as practicable.
        (4) Where an additional Sponsor is appointed, the new applicant and the Sponsors must submit to the Exchange reasons for appointing the additional Sponsor; and the additional Sponsor must submit to the Exchange a confirmation that it fully agrees with all submissions previously made by the new applicant and its existing Sponsor when a new listing application is submitted pursuant to rule 6A.02B(2).

    • 12.09

      (1)   An applicant must submit a listing application form, an Application Proof and all other relevant documents under rules 12.22 and 12.23, and the information in these documents must be substantially complete except in relation to information that by its nature can only be finalised and incorporated at a later date.
      (2)   If the Exchange decides this information is not substantially complete, the Exchange will not continue to review any documents relating to the application. All documents, including the Form 5A (except for the retention of a copy of these documents for the Exchange's record) submitted to the Exchange will be returned to the Sponsor. The initial listing fee will be dealt with in the manner described in the note to rule 12.14(4) below.
      (3)   For applications which were previously returned by the Exchange, the applicant can only submit a new Form 5A together with a new Application Proof not less than 8 weeks after the Return Decision.
      Notes: (1)-(3) [Repealed 1 October 2013]
      (4)   The Exchange may require a new applicant to delay the provisional hearing date (see rule 12.12) if, during the review process, the Exchange believes the following cannot be fulfilled by the new applicant at least 4 clear business days before the provisional hearing date:—
      (a)   the submission of the revised proof of the listing document containing sufficient and appropriate disclosure of all information required under the GEM Listing Rules;
      (b)   the submission of any outstanding documents as requested by the Exchange; and
      (c)   the Exchange's queries and comments being satisfactorily addressed in a timely fashion.
      (5)   During the review process, the Sponsor should not revise the contents of the listing document on a piece-meal basis. A revised proof of the listing document must completely address all the Exchange's comments on the previous proof. The Exchange may elect not to review a revised proof that fails to meet this requirement.
      (6)   Where the GEM Listing Committee is considering an application for listing from a new applicant, the Listing Division will normally invite the new applicant and its directors to make itself available to attend the GEM Listing Committee hearing. The new applicant, including its directors and its Sponsor shall be prepared to answer questions raised by the GEM Listing Committee, but they will normally only be invited into the GEM Listing Committee hearing if the GEM Listing Committee wishes to directly question the new applicant. If the new applicant is invited to make itself available to attend, the new applicant may be accompanied by its directors, Sponsor and/or proposed authorised representatives.

    • 12.10

      No publicity material on an issue of securities by a new applicant can be released in Hong Kong by a new applicant or its agent unless and until the Exchange has reviewed it and confirmed to the applicant that it has no comments. In addition, the publicity material must comply with all statutory requirements. If the Exchange believes that a new applicant or its advisers have permitted information on the listing of the new applicant's securities to leak, the Exchange will normally delay the application for the listing of those securities. For these purposes:

      (1)   publicity material does not relate to an issue of securities if its purpose is the promotion of the issuer or its products or business and not the promotion of the securities to be issued;
      (2)   the following documents do not fall within the scope of this rule and need not be submitted for prior review:
      (a)   an Application Proof published on the Exchange’s website under rule 16.01A;
      (b)   a Post Hearing Information Pack published on the Exchange’s website under rule 16.01B;
      (bb)   an OC Announcement published on the Exchange’s website under rule 16.01C;
      (c)   any statement by a new applicant published on the Exchange’s website stating that no reliance should be placed on any media reports about the new applicant subsequent to the publication of its Application Proof, OC Announcement or Post Hearing Information Pack, as the case may be; and
      (d)   the invitation or offering document (or its equivalent) and document that consist of, or are drafts of, or relate to, agreements to be entered into in connection with the issue of the securities. This is provided that any obligations created by these agreements to issue, subscribe, purchase or underwrite the securities are conditional on listing being granted;
      (3)   any publicity material or announcement referring to a proposed listing by a new applicant issued before the GEM Listing Committee’s hearing of the new applicant's application for listing must state that an application has been or will be made to the Exchange for listing of and permission to deal in the securities concerned; and
      (4)   where any material relating to a proposed listing by a new applicant is released without the Exchange's prior review before the hearing, the Exchange may postpone the hearing by up to 1 month. If this results in the application form being more than 6 months out of date, the applicant will have to submit a new application form and a further listing fee (see rule 12.07).

    • 12.11

      From the time of submission of the application for listing until listing is granted, there must be no dealing in the securities for which listing is sought by any core connected person of the issuer, except as permitted by rule 10.16. The directors of the issuer shall forthwith notify the Exchange of any such dealing or suspected dealing of which they become aware. If any of the directors or their close associates are found to have engaged in such dealing, the application may be rejected.
      Note:    The Exchange may consider an application for a waiver from strict compliance with rule 12.11 for issuers with, or seeking, a dual listing, subject to the following conditions:‒
        (a)    the core connected persons have no influence over the listing process and are not in possession of inside information;
        (b)    the issuer promptly releases any inside information to the public in its overseas jurisdiction(s) in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations;
        (c)    it is beyond the issuer’s control that the core connected person(s) conduct dealings in the issuer’s securities on markets outside the Exchange (e.g. a public investor who may become a substantial shareholder before the issuer lists on GEM); and
        (d)    the issuer has systems in place to identify the dealings by any of its core connected persons during the restricted period and notifies the Exchange of breaches of dealing restriction by any of its core connected persons other than those who have al been exempted from strict compliance with rule 12.11 during the restricted period.