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  • Accountants' Reports

    • 36.12

      Attention is particularly drawn to the requirement for the reporting accountant to be independent both of the overseas issuer and of any other company concerned (see rule 4.03).

    • 36.13

      A report will not normally be regarded as acceptable unless the relevant accounts have been audited to a standard comparable to that required in Hong Kong.

    • 36.14

      Reports in respect of overseas issuers are required to conform with accounting standards acceptable to the Exchange which will normally be at least International Financial Reporting Standards. The relevant standards will normally be those current in relation to the last financial year reported on and, wherever possible, appropriate adjustments should be made to show profits for all periods in accordance with such standards.

    • 36.15

      Where the Exchange allows reports to be drawn up otherwise than in conformity with Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards or International Financial Reporting Standards, the Exchange may, having regard to the jurisdiction in which the overseas issuer is incorporated or otherwise established, require the report to contain a statement of the financial effect of the material differences (if any) from either of those standards.

    • 36.16

      As indicated in rules 4.14 to 4.16, where the figures in the report differ from those in the audited annual accounts, a statement of adjustments must be submitted to the Exchange enabling the figures to be reconciled.