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  • Chapter 9 — Application Procedures and Requirements

    • 19A.20 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 October 2013]

    • 19A.21

      (1) [Repealed 2 November 2009]
      (2) The forms of confirmation and undertaking to be lodged under rules 9.11(3a) and 9.11(3b) may require additional adjustment by virtue of the laws to which the PRC issuer is subject.

    • 19A.22 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 2 November 2009]

    • 19A.22A

      Rule 9.11 is amended by adding the following new provision:

      (23A) a certified copy of the document issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission or other PRC competent authority expressly approving the PRC issuer's listing on the Exchange.

    • 19A.22B [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 March 2019]

    • 19A.23 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 2 November 2009]