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  • Guarantors

    • 15A.16

      Where listing is sought for structured products which are guaranteed:-

      (1) the guarantor must not be a private company within the meaning of section 11 of the Companies Ordinance or equivalent legislation of the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated or established;
      (2) the guarantor will normally be required to be the ultimate holding company of the group to which the issuer belongs;
      (3) the guarantor will be required to comply with the Exchange Listing Rules to the same extent as if it were the issuer of the structured products ; and
      (4) the guarantor will be required to sign a Listing Agreement in a form prescribed and provided by the Exchange before the launch of any guaranteed structured product to be listed on the Exchange.

    • 15A.17

      The guarantee or other security must be issued in conformity with the laws of the place in which the guarantor is incorporated or otherwise established and in conformity with the guarantor's memorandum and articles of association or equivalent documents and all authorisations needed for its issue under such laws or documents must have been duly given.