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  • Introduction

    • 14A.01

      This Chapter applies to connected transactions entered into by a listed issuer or its subsidiaries. The connected transaction rules ensure that the interests of shareholders as a whole are taken into account by the listed issuer when the listed issuer's group enters into a connected transaction.

    • 14A.02

      Connected transactions include both capital and revenue nature transactions. They may be one-off transactions or continuing transactions.

    • 14A.03

      The general requirements for connected transactions include disclosures in announcements, circulars and annual reports, and shareholders' approval. Persons with material interests cannot vote on the resolution approving the transaction. Continuing connected transactions also require annual reviews by independent non-executive directors and the auditors.

    • 14A.04

      To reduce listed issuers' compliance burden, exemptions and waivers from all or some of the connected transaction requirements are available for specific categories of connected transactions. These apply to connected transactions that are immaterial to the listed issuer's group, or specific circumstances where the risk of abuse by connected persons is low.

    • 14A.05

      The rules in this Chapter are illustrated with diagrams. If there is any conflict between the rules and the diagrams, the rules prevail.