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  • Proxy forms (13.38)

    • 13.38

      An issuer shall send with the notice convening a meeting of holders of listed securities to all persons entitled to vote at the meeting proxy forms, with provision for two-way voting on all resolutions intended to be proposed thereat.


      1. The object of the requirement relating to proxy forms is to ensure that holders have adequate opportunity to express their views on all resolutions intended to be proposed such as the adoption of the annual accounts and reelection of directors (and, in the case of a PRC issuer, supervisors).
      2. Provided two-way proxy forms are made available, the printing and postal arrangements are matters entirely at the discretion of the issuer. The proxy form must state that if it is returned without an indication as to how the proxy shall vote on any particular matter the proxy will exercise his discretion as to whether he votes and if so how. The proxy form must state that a shareholder is entitled to appoint a proxy of his own choice and must provide a space for the name of such proxy.
      3. The proxy form must be submitted for publication on the Exchange's website in accordance with rule 2.07C.