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  • Chapters 17 and 18 — Continuing Obligations and Financial Information

    • General (25.21-25.22A)

      • 25.21

        Whilst Chapters 17 and 18 apply equally to PRC issuers, the Exchange may be prepared to agree to such modifications as it considers appropriate in a particular case.

      • 25.22

        Conversely, the Exchange may impose further additional requirements in a particular case (see, for example, rule 25.14). The additional requirements currently imposed by the Exchange in respect of PRC issuers are set out in Part C of Appendix 11. The Exchange may add to, waive or not require compliance with, the requirements of Chapters 17 and 18, on a case by case basis in its discretion.

      • 25.22A

        The reference to “every member” in rule 18.03 shall mean and refer to only registered holders of the PRC issuer’s H shares.

    • Pre-emptive rights (25.23)

      • 25.23

        The requirements of rules 17.39 to 17.41 are replaced in their entirety by the following provision:—
        "17.39    Except in the circumstances mentioned in rule 17.41, the directors of the PRC issuer shall obtain the approval by a special resolution of shareholders in general meeting and the approvals by special resolutions of holders of domestic shares and overseas listed foreign shares (and, if applicable, H shares) (each being otherwise entitled to vote at general meetings) at separate class meetings conducted in accordance with the PRC issuer's articles of association, prior to authorising, allotting, issuing or granting:—
        (1)    shares;
        (2)    securities convertible into shares; and
        (3)    options, warrants or similar rights to subscribe for any shares or such convertible securities.
        Note:    Importance is attached to the principle that a shareholder should be able to protect his proportion of the total equity by having the opportunity to subscribe for any new issue of equity securities. Accordingly, unless shareholders otherwise permit, all issues of equity securities by the PRC issuer must be offered to the existing shareholders (and, where appropriate, to holders of other equity securities of the PRC issuer entitled to be offered them) pro-rata to their existing holdings, and only to the extent that the securities offered are not taken up by such persons may they be allotted or issued to other persons or otherwise than pro-rata to their existing holdings. This principle may be waived by the shareholders themselves on a general basis, but only within the limits of rule 17.41.
        17.40    Notwithstanding rule 17.41, the directors of the PRC issuer shall obtain the approval by special resolution of its shareholders in general meeting, prior to allotting any voting shares if such allotment would effectively alter the control of the PRC issuer.
        17.41    No such approval as is referred to in rule 17.39 shall be required in the case of authorising, allotting or issuing shares if, but only to the extent that,
        (1)    it is made under a bonus or capitalisation issue to the shareholders of the PRC issuer, which excludes for that purpose any shareholder that is resident in a place outside the PRC and Hong Kong, provided that the directors of the PRC issuer consider such exclusion to be necessary or expedient on account either of the legal restrictions under the laws of the relevant place or the requirements of the relevant regulatory body or stock exchange in that place and, where appropriate, to holders of other equity securities of the PRC issuer entitled to the issue, pro rata (apart from fractional entitlements) to their existing holdings; or
        Notes:    (1)    The PRC issuer must make enquiries regarding the legal restrictions under the laws of the relevant place and the requirements of the relevant regulatory body or stock exchange and may only exclude such overseas shareholders on the basis that, having made such enquiries, it would be necessary or expedient to do so.
          (2)    If any shareholders that are resident outside the PRC and Hong Kong are excluded from an offer of securities pursuant to rule 17.41(1), the PRC issuer shall include an explanation for the exclusion in the relevant circular or document containing the offer of securities. PRC issuers shall ensure that the circular or offer document is delivered to such shareholders for their information subject to compliance with the relevant local laws, regulations and requirements.
        (2)    the shareholders of the PRC issuer have by special resolution of its shareholders in general meeting given approval, either unconditionally or subject to such terms and conditions as may be specified in the resolution, for the PRC issuer to authorise, allot or issue, either separately or concurrently once every twelve months, not more than twenty per cent of each of the existing issued domestic shares and overseas listed foreign shares of the PRC issuer; or
        (3)    such shares are part of the PRC issuer's plan at the time of its establishment to issue domestic shares and overseas listed foreign shares and which plan is implemented within fifteen months from the date of approval by China Securities Regulatory Commission or such other competent state council securities regulatory authority.
        Notes:    1    Other than where independent shareholders' approval has been obtained, an issue of securities to a connected person pursuant to a general mandate given under rule 17.41(2) is only permitted in the circumstances set out in rule 20.90.
          2    Notwithstanding any issue of securities pursuant to a general mandate given under rule 17.41, the PRC issuer must at all times comply with the prescribed minimum percentage requirements concerning shares held by the public, as set out in rule 11.23."

    • Annual report and accounts and auditors' report (25.24-25.30)

      • 25.24

        The following modifications and additional requirements apply to Chapter 18 and to the extent such modifications and additional requirements conflict with the provisions of Chapter 18, the following provisions shall apply.

      • 25.25

        The annual accounts must be audited by a person, firm or company who must be a practising accountant of good standing. Such person, firm or company must also be independent of the PRC issuer to the same extent as that required of an auditor under the Companies Ordinance and in accordance with the requirements on independence issued by the International Federation of Accountants and must be:—
        (1)    qualified under the PAO for the appointment as an auditor of a company and a Registered PIE Auditor under the FRCO; or
        (2) an overseas firm of practising accountants that is a Recognised PIE Auditor of that issuer under the FRCO; or
        (3) [Repealed 1 January 2022]
        (4) under the mutual recognition agreement, a PRC firm of practising accountants which has been approved by the China Ministry of Finance and the China Securities Regulatory Commission as being suitable to act as an auditor or a reporting accountant for a PRC incorporated company listed in Hong Kong and is a Recognised PIE Auditor under section 20ZT of the FRCO on the condition that the PRC issuer has adopted CASBE for the preparation of its annual financial statements.
          1.    In relation to an application for the recognition of an overseas firm of practising accountants under the FRCO, on a request made by a PRC issuer, the Exchange may provide a statement of no objection to that issuer for appointing an overseas firm of practising accountants to carry out a PIE Engagement for that issuer under section 20ZF(2)(a) of the FRCO (see note 2 to rule 7.02(1)).
          2.    The mutual recognition agreement referred to in (4) above means the agreement between the Mainland of China and Hong Kong in 2009 for mutual recognition of qualified auditors from either jurisdiction (home jurisdiction) to act as auditors of corporations incorporated in the home jurisdiction and listed in the other jurisdiction.

      • 25.26

        The accounts must be audited to a standard comparable to that required in Hong Kong or under International Standards on Auditing or China Auditing Standards.

      • 25.27

        The report of the auditors must be annexed to all copies of the annual accounts required to be sent by the PRC issuer and indicate whether in the opinion of the auditors the accounts give a true and fair view:

        (1) in the case of the issuer's balance sheet, of the state of its affairs at the end of the financial year and in the case of the issuer's profit and loss account, of the profit or loss and in the case of the issuer's cash flow statement, of the cash flows for the financial year; and
        (2) in the case where consolidated accounts are prepared, of the state of affairs, the profit or loss and the cash flows of the issuer and the group of which the issuer is the holding company.

      • 25.28

        The report of the auditors must indicate the act, ordinance or other legislation in accordance with which the annual accounts have been drawn up and the authority or body whose auditing standards have been applied.

      • 25.29

        If the PRC issuer is not required to draw up its accounts so as to give a true and fair view but is required to draw them up to an equivalent standard, the Exchange may allow its accounts to be drawn up to that standard. Reference must, however, be made to the Exchange.

      • 25.30

        An auditors' report in a different form may be applicable in the case of banking and insurance companies. The wording of such an auditors' report should make it clear whether or not profits have been stated before transfers to or from undisclosed reserves.

    • Information to accompany annual report and accounts (25.31-25.33)

      • 25.31

        A PRC issuer shall include in its directors report and accounts the information necessary to enable holders of its securities to obtain any relief from taxation to which they are entitled by reason of their holding of such securities.

      • 25.32

        A PRC issuer shall include in its directors' report and accounts those additional disclosures required of Hong Kong incorporated companies under the provisions of the Companies Ordinance and subsidiary legislations set out in rule 18.07A

      • 25.33

        The statement of reserves available for distribution to shareholders required pursuant to rule 18.37 shall be calculated in accordance with any statutory provisions applicable in the PRC or, in the absence of such provisions, with generally accepted accounting principles.

    • Half-year and quarterly reports (25.34)

      • 25.34

        If the PRC issuer publishes a half-year or quarterly report in the PRC, the Exchange may authorise it to publish that report (if necessary, translated into English and Chinese) instead of the half-year and quarterly reports provided for in Chapter 18, provided that the information given is equivalent to that which would otherwise have been required.