Entire Section

  • Competent Person (18A.21-18A.22)

    • 18A.21

      A Competent Person must:—

      (1) have a minimum of five years experience relevant to the style of mineralization and type of deposit under consideration or to the type of Petroleum exploration, reserve estimate (as appropriate), and to the activity which the Mineral Company is undertaking;
      (2) be professionally qualified, and be a member in good standing of a relevant Recognised Professional Organisation, in a jurisdiction where, in the Exchange's opinion, the statutory securities regulator has satisfactory arrangements (either by way of the IOSCO Multilateral MOU or other bi-lateral agreement acceptable to the Exchange) with the Commission for mutual assistance and exchange of information for enforcing and securing compliance with the laws and regulations of that jurisdiction and Hong Kong; and
      (3) take overall responsibility for the Competent Person's Report.

    • 18A.22

      A Competent Person must be independent of the issuer, its directors, senior management and advisers. Specifically the Competent Person retained must:—

      (1) have no economic or beneficial interest (present or contingent) in any of the assets being reported on;
      (2) not be remunerated with a fee dependent on the findings of the Competent Person's Report;
      (3) in the case of an individual, not be an officer, employee or proposed officer of the issuer or any group, holding or associated company of the issuer; and
      (4) in the case of a firm, not be a group, holding or associated company of the issuer. Any of the firm's partners or officers must not be officers or proposed officers of any group, holding or associated company of the issuer.