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  • Additional disclosure requirements that apply to certain new applicant Mineral Companies (18A.06-18A.08)

    • 18A.06

      If a Mineral Company has begun production, it must disclose an estimate of the operating cash cost per appropriate unit for the minerals and/or Petroleum produced.

    • 18A.07

      If a Mineral Company has not yet begun production, it must disclose its plans to proceed to production with indicative dates and costs. These plans must be supported by at least a Scoping Study, substantiated by the opinion of a Competent Person. If exploration rights or rights to extract Resources and/or Reserves have not yet been obtained, relevant risks to obtaining these rights must be prominently disclosed.

    • 18A.08

      If a Mineral Company is involved in the exploration for or extraction of Resources, it must prominently disclose to investors that its Resources may not ultimately be extracted at a profit.